Website design

Website design and set up

We will design your website using a Content Management System (CMS). By using a CMS you will be able to:

  • update your website from just about anywhere
  • the CMS is a simple user friendly system
  • Training and support are included in the package

We support you with a domain name and set up your server space and work with you to design the website structure before designing and building your site. When the website is complete we come to you and provide excellent training service and offer an ongoing phone or email support.

Website management service

When your website is complete and you have decided you do not want to update and manage your website. SIMS DESIGN offers a package to manage the content and updates on a regular basis for you. The support we give is like having a guru sitting at the desk next to you.

We come across individuals, schools and business owners who say they have a website, but they don’t have the time to learn how to manage it properly. As a result the website is neglected and slowly visits to the site are reduced. Your website is your front door and the face of who you are.

SIMS DESIGN manages websites for a wide variety of customers, regardless of who originally built your website.

Types of services

  • Our service covers a wide range of needs including:
  • Uploading photos to your gallery
  • Uploading posts that you’ve written
  • Making sure your website software (CMS) is updated frequently
  • Editing information like school hours, newsletters, canteen menus, populate calendars and general page content.

Hosting your website

At SIMS DESIGN we prefer to leave web hosting to the professionals. Hosting companies are usually great at keeping servers running 24/7 and backing them up, so rather than be a server we like to work with you on the strategy, design and content.

Our specialty is helping our clients change their website to a user friendly Content Management System and keep it up-to-date. We love working with our Australian based server company.

If you have an existing website and you’d like us to copy it from one server to another server we can help you out with the content transfer. If we transfer content we usually like to view your content and give you feedback and suggestions to help keep your website dynamic.


Our prices are very reasonable and while websites are individual we can offer you a great price. We have an hourly rate and a set fee per month for updating and managing your website.