Jennifer has been a graphic designer and marketing guru since 1987. She has worked with various advertising agencies in both Adelaide and Perth on top prestigious brands and there isn’t a challenge she will not take on.

Jen has more recently worked for the government and had a passion for working with community and schools developing the ‘getting schools online’ and supporting schools with their brand. She strives to keep up to date with technology and build responsive websites part of your consistent brand.

Working with Principals and school staff has been so enjoyable Jen decided to start up her own Perth marketing design studio, SIMS DESIGN. Jen works in all areas of marketing and design, and keeps the studio current with the latest technology and industry innovations.

Jen is innovative, a thinker and loves coming up with new ideas. She enjoys developing brands and creating consistency throughout your business, she is always just around the corner and available to meet with you with a chatty smile.

Jen is the first person you’ll speak to about your project and she’ll make sure you get the design work you need.

When Jen isn’t in the office or out chatting with you she is on the water developing her skill of sailing, competing at state, national and representing Australia at world level sailing a Flying Fifteen two person keel boat. She loves the environment, the sea and being out in the elements. She also represents WA in womens sailing and sails with a team of amazing talented ladies.

Jen enjoys being creative, thinking up new ideas, reading, drawing and cooking up beautiful food.

Sims Design supports children and education in countries not as well developed as our western world.